S&M Cleaning, 10 Years a Director – An interview with Danny Steele

S&M Cleaning, congratulating their 10-year trading milestone in cleaning.

Going from window cleaning traders back in 2010 to develop a fully-fledged contract cleaning company in 2020, we are all proud to be part of S&M Cleaning. We have seen the services going from strength to strength, new staff arrive and cherished staff depart from S&M Cleaning. Throughout the whole time, it has been our directors that has been the glue holding it all together. 

From times where the staff needed extra support as the company grew to develop services such as FM Support, Office Cleaning, Building Management Service. Even right up to the latest challenge, COVID-19. 

It hasn’t been easy for all at S&M Cleaning over the last few months. Thanks to the directors and their passion for the services as well as their staff focused care and consideration for all we have been able to come out the other side stronger and more passionate than ever. 

As a thank you to the directors and to celebrate the success of the company, we took this opportunity to interview them to ask them a few questions about their 10 years at S&M Cleaning.

Our interview Q&A with Danny Steele, Director: –

How do you feel reaching this 10 years milestone at S&M Cleaning?

I feel very proud of everything that has been achieved at S&M Cleaning over the last 10 years. Very proud of everything from our very first window cleaning contracts, throughout our development of the commercial cleaning services, right up to our current development in COVID-19 Services and Retail Cleaning Services. 

Did you plan your growth from window cleaning into contract cleaning?

Not initially. We started out with the window cleaning then began looking into commercial cleaning services. It from there that we began to grow and see that our commitment to customers within the cleaning industry for S&M Cleaning was a high standard. It was from there that we began the organic growth from window cleaning into all the cleaning services and areas of cleaning S&M Cleaning do today. 

What features of your role do you consider makes you a good leader?

Mine would have to be my communication and organisation. This is the reason I took on the operational direction from a staffing point of view within S&M Cleaning. I felt that running a cleaning company, especially a cleaning company within the commercial cleaning sector, that it was important that I had a direct involvement within the operations throughout, no matter the size of the company as my communication and ability to support all the cleaning staff and cleaning managers in the organisation was important.

What has been your biggest challenge over the last 10 years?

I guess the hardest challenge over the last 10 years with S&M Cleaning was being able to find reliable cleaning operatives that met the same standards as S&M Cleaning. There are many cleaning operatives out there that help a cleaning company provide their cleaning services, however, the challenge has been finding those that push for the same high standard that the company sets. We don’t set them beyond achievable, we set them to a standard that gives S&M Cleaning the highest of standards by staff wanting to be there and feeling part of the team every visit on a cleaning site. 

What are your values as a company leader?

Being honest and desire to work hard. Has to be my values, I believe these values are 2 that keeps any cleaning company and the cleaning services the best available. If everyone at S&M cleaning is honest with each other and the desire to work hard is there then the very best cleaning services and commitment to the cleaning contract is achieved with minimal issue. 

How do you ensure these values are upheld by employees?

S&M Cleaning has regular meetings with employees to discuss matters and areas of the business. Sid and I are very particular with maintaining the values as each of our cleaning services and the cleaning it delivers each has their own needs, so it is our values that are what keep all cleaning staff and services running efficiently and within scope.

What has been your main focus for the business during COVID-19?

Our main focus has been trying to maintain a running cleaning company, with all standards remaining high and helping clients in their property cleaning. This is why we created the COVID-19 cleaning services so that all of our commercial cleaning services and contracts are being delivered still but with the latest needs and standards included throughout all cleaning operations at S&M Cleaning.  

What is your personal goals for S&M Cleaning in the next 10 years of business?

I would like to see the cleaning services continue to build year on year how it has been to double the compacity of how it is now. I have seen S&M Cleaning continue to grow and the cleaning services development into commercial cleaning services, there is still a lot to grow on whilst keeping all the cleaning services we offer now growing and going from strength to strength along the way. 

What factors do you think has been the reasons for S&M Cleaning’s success?

I think this has to be the incredible staff and external support we have at S&M Cleaning that contributes towards this. We always ensure that we have the right people around us to achieve the necessary, from the cleaning staff servicing the cleaning works, the operations and administration staff looking after the cleaning contracts, right down to the internal and external organisations helping to keep the structure of S&M Cleaning operational to keep all commercial cleaning services and operational communications active daily. 

Has S&M Cleaning met the goals & targets set for its 10 years of trading?

Certainly, yes! I actually think we have far exceeded what we set out to achieve for S&M Cleaning all those years ago. We started with the window cleaning then looked into the commercial cleaning elements of our cleaning services and found things to work well. It was never our plan to start with to be providing so many cleaning services when we set out, so for me, the cleaning and all that S&M Cleaning is today has just exceeded our starting goals.

What advice would you give to others running a business?

To work hard and treat people and staff how you want to be treated. We started S&M Cleaning with myself and Sid, we never had employees working for us but we did have each other working on the ground with the customers. We both understood the hard work and commitment it takes to keep a cleaning contract and high standards of cleaning on site. I would advise others to understand that for your staff as it is their cleaning skills and dedication to their roles that keep the company running. S&M Cleaning would not be able to provide as many cleaning services and cleaning contracts at a commercial cleaning level without our staff so treating them as they should be treated is one of the most important things for a director. 

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