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S&M Cleaning and Support Services offer a wealth of experience to Commercial and Industrial clients and deliver an excellent service no matter what the project.
Our teams are highly trained and are fully capable of providing an optimum service for your requirements.

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S&M Cleaning & Support Services Ltd


S&M Cleaning & Support Services Ltd are a dedicated cleaning company based in South East of London, providing expert cleaning services .


Providing external facade and contract cleaning services across London and the surrounding counties. Servicing contracts from construction to FM facility companies.


Providing external facade and contract cleaning services across London and the surrounding counties. Servicing contracts from construction to FM facility companies.

S&M Cleaning & Support Services Ltd


S&M was established in 2010 by 2 directors, working from a single vehicle carrying out window cleaning. Through their passion for the service, their customer focused drive and a desire to retain an honest and hardworking ethos the company began to grow and grow. As their portfolio grew S&M began to evolve. Both directors understood running a business is not only the hard work they achieve, it is a continuous curve which requires a collective team effort in all areas to ensure the business will succeed. Expansion into 2014-2015, having already introduced key staff into roles within the business to support the day to day running and accounting, S&M began developing their management systems and infrastructure as the backbone of the company S&M is today.

Continued growth in window cleaning and then into contract cleaning and specialist services, S&M have seen all areas of the business grow steadily over the years with more and more staff entering into the family of S&M. A decade later the S&M consists of a highly skilled and dedicated specialist team, supported by an established integrated infrastructure. What began as hard work and a will to deliver the best service on all works, the directors of S&M have grown the company into what it is today, able to handle any size cleaning contract and specialist service offered by their in house team.

Beginning my early years as a professional football player and wanting to grow in something that would outlast a football career, I began window cleaning as  this provided me satisfaction on completion and I was able to give the same passion I had for sport whilst working. When we began S&M we quickly saw the passion we shared, that same passions still drives me to this day across all areas of the business with my operational direction for S&M being based on that early passion to enable me to drive the company in the right direction.



I come from a back ground in window cleaning where working with my Dad of a weekend and during school holidays. Following working full-time for companies and an ongoing acting career  S&M was formed in 2010. Throughout the 10 year learning curve of running a business, learning from those we employee and deal with I am proud of the company S&M is today, at the forefront of the cleaning industry with a reputation for excellent services with customers using our services with the satisfaction of services we provide.



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S&M Cleaning was founded as a private, family run company. The company has grown into one able to provide services at a corporate level.

Through the blending of family morals, the corner stone of the business, and the introduction of an integrated management within the core of the operations, this gives S&M a unique ability. The ability to operationally handle the largest of contracts whilst retaining the same care and consideration for all staff and handling of works as if they were smaller contracts being completed by the very family operatives all those years ago.


Integrated ISO management system. S&M Cleaning & Support Services Ltd have integrating their ISO 9001, ISO 14001 &  ISO 45001 to ensure the company is running the way it should be at every stage.

By integrating their ISO systems into a single, integrated management structure they are ensuring every member of S&M is protected no matter the task or role. Through this system S&M ensure the protection of all staff, ensures the company performs optimally with the  best ethical, safe and environmentally friendly practices available whilst maintaining each and every work site is handled correctly, professionally and to the highest of standards every visit.

We make it both personal and bespoke. Providing every customer and each site the best service for them.

Giving our customers, old and new the best service from the start. Contact our sales team today via out quick contact to start your journey with S&M cleaning today.