A social scheme approval to make a difference

Written by SM Cleaning


Development for a new social scheme has been approved.

As part of S&M’s ongoing development to better the way we serve local communities and the impact of our operations to protect the environment whilst we continue to grow. Our management team has been exploring and reviewing a new scheme devised internally to better support the wider communities.

Our scheme is a company wide scheme to help the homeless and un-employed gain valuable skills whilst earning money to support their families and personal development. The scheme is set to focus its support and commitment towards local involvement and support of environmental protection and cleaning betterment within London and surrounding areas.

With the approval of the new scheme our team has begun developing and formulating the new scheme framework against S&M’s ESG policies, processes and integrated management framework. A review of all current processes and policies are underway across the quality, environmental, H&S management systems, new processes and policies specifically being created for the handling and management of the scheme are being written into the company for the scheme. 

The scheme is set to be integrated into the very core workings of S&M’s ESG processes and will work closely within the portfolios and commitment to not only local communities but S&M customers. It is our belief that ESG is developed from within the company, providing a betterment and transparency throughout the company to better support the environment protection and local communities where we service every day through the policies and procedures that ensure actionable and positive changes in all areas of our company operations.

We will be releasing regular updates on the scheme development and progress as they continue, as framework review meetings are conducted and elements discussed for the schemes release and roll out within August 2022. 

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