The Negative Environmental Impact of Many Traditional Cleaning Products

In our quest for pristine workplaces, we often overlook a critical aspect: the environmental impact of traditional cleaning products. SM Cleaning, a London-based cleaning company, is at the forefront of addressing this often-ignored issue. With a wide array of specialised cleaning services, we are not just transforming spaces but also leading a much-needed change in […]

How Often Should You Clean an Office Building?

A clean and organised office is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also contributes to a healthier work environment and increased productivity among employees. However, determining the optimal frequency for cleaning an office building can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence cleaning frequency and provide practical guidelines for maintaining […]

Expanding our commercial window cleaning accreditation

One of SM Cleaning’s key services is commercial window cleaning services in London. For over a decade, our trained and skilled teams have been cleaning windows and glass surfaces for London’s most prestigious buildings, offices and headquarters. Our work includes rope access and abseiling window cleaning, reach and wash services, elevated platforms and cradle cleaning. […]

Help our director raise money to fight cancer

Our Director, Danny Steele, is participating in the Welsh 3000s to raise money for two wonderful organisations, The Childhood Cancer Charity and Twinny’s Challenge, further details and stories below. What is the Welsh 3000s? In order to complete this mammoth challenge competitors are required to ascend to the top of all 15 of the mountains […]

SM Cleaning Support achieves gold award for recycling standards

Gold award

We recycled 89% of our waste in 2022 We’re delighted to announce that SM Cleaning Support has received First Mile’s gold award for recycling standards in 2022 by recycling 89% of our waste. Here’s how we did it and why it’s so important to us. The First Mile gold award First Mile are our waste […]

A social scheme approval to make a difference


Development for a new social scheme has been approved. As part of S&M’s ongoing development to better the way we serve local communities and the impact of our operations to protect the environment whilst we continue to grow. Our management team has been exploring and reviewing a new scheme devised internally to better support the […]


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