Our new brand partnerships for sustainability, social responsibility and financial wellbeing

Written by SM Cleaning

New brand partners

As a company we’re always looking for ways in which we can do things better. Where others would settle for a system that works and meets its targets, we strive to do more, to aim higher and to make a more positive impact on our community, our staff and the environment.

Last year we achieved a recycling milestone with the help of our friends at First Mile, you can read more about that here.

This year we’re going a step further by partnering with three new companies to help maximise our positive impact on those around us. We’re delighted to announce we’re now working with Positive Planet, Social Value Business and Wagestream.

Managing our carbon footprint with Positive Planet

Positive planet logo

We’re joining forces with the team at Positive Planet to get their expert input on how we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint and lessen our environmental impact. Historically this has been an area where commercial cleaning companies have lagged behind, so we’ve constantly tried to stay ahead of the curve. We’re excited to work with Positive Planet to find even more opportunities to excel.

Positive Planet will be helping us reduce the impact of many aspects of our business, including:

  • Energy usage
  • Company vehicles
  • Fugitive emissions
  • Waste disposal
  • Water usage
  • Business travel

Learn more about our green route to net zero here.

Working with Social Value Business

Social value business logo

Commercial success and profit is nothing without community and sustainability, so figuring out how to develop sustainable business practices and revenue streams is at the core of our business development. This is where the team at Social Value Business comes in.

Social Value Business are on board to help us better understand and measure how what we do affects the community around us.

With their help we can examine our hiring practices, our community initiatives, our health and wellbeing strategy and more; all with the goal of ensuring we create a positive ripple effect on our surroundings. They’ll help us set KPIs and remain accountable for the progress we make in the community.

Investing in our team’s financial wellbeing with Wagestream

Wagestream logo

Now more than ever, we’re all acutely aware of the cost of living. Financial stress is a huge contributing factor to poor mental health, with research showing that 72% of people worry about money every week. It’s in everyone’s best interests to figure this out; the more we can do to reduce stress and money worries, the better each day will be for us and our staff. But how is anyone supposed to know how to manage their money with bills rising quicker than ever before?

With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Wagestream, a charity-backed financial wellbeing platform who will guide our team through the cost of living crisis and beyond. The people behind Wagestream are doing amazing work helping staff learn to manage their money better by giving them access to coaches, budgeting tools and more.

Financial wellbeing is the backbone to so much of our lives, we believe it’s vitally important for our staff to have access to the support that Wagestream offers. By partnering with Wagestream we hope to empower our staff to make the best decisions for them and their loved ones and to make sure they’re better able to plan for the future.

It’s great to be working with such amazing businesses and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Take a look at their websites on the links below.




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