S&M Cleaning, 10 Years a Director – An interview with Sid Mitchell

S&M Cleaning, congratulating their 10-year trading milestone in cleaning.

Going from window cleaning traders back in 2010 to develop a fully-fledged contract cleaning company in 2020, we are all proud to be part of S&M Cleaning. We have seen the services going from strength to strength, new staff arrive and cherished staff depart from S&M Cleaning. Throughout the whole time, it has been our directors that has been the glue holding it all together. 

From times where the staff needed extra support as the company grew to develop services such as FM Support, Office Cleaning, Building Management Service. Even right up to the latest challenge, COVID-19. 

It hasn’t been easy for all at S&M Cleaning over the last few months. Thanks to the directors and their passion for the services as well as their staff focused care and consideration for all we have been able to come out the other side stronger and more passionate than ever. 

As a thank you to the directors and to celebrate the success of the company, we took this opportunity to interview them to ask them a few questions about their 10 years at S&M Cleaning.

Our interview Q&A with Sid Mitchell, Director: –

How do you feel reaching this 10 years milestone at S&M Cleaning?

Very proud of the success S&M Cleaning has seen. How 10 years have flown by. When myself and Danny started out, knocking on houses to deliver window cleaning, I never imagined that the cleaning company would have evolved into the commercial cleaning contract company it has become today.

Did you plan your growth from window cleaning into contract cleaning?

No. I didn’t really think about going into contract cleaning when we started out glazing cleaning. Once we began though, we didn’t settle, always looking to improve as we moved into small office cleaning and other areas of commercial cleaning, we were just always looking to improve the company to the best that it could be in cleaning services. 

What features of your role do you consider makes you a good leader?

I am a good people person and enjoy meeting new people. It is important to me as the director of a cleaning company that the personal touch is considered in my role as well as the approachability for customers. Should clients have issues relating to their cleaning and commercial properties, I like to know they have the personal touch from a director, willing to resolve and personally discuss anything part of their cleaning contract such as their carpet cleaning to their regular cleaning contracts in general. 

What has been your biggest challenge over the last 10 years?

Very difficult to say. I am constantly facing new and interesting challenges in running a cleaning company. When managing and directing a cleaning company that offers so many cleaning services and constantly developing, I cannot pinpoint one.  I mean, we are starting a big drive in the new retail cleaning so there are even more brand new challenges that myself and team are working on. 

What are your values as a company leader?

I guess that will have to be being level headed and having the ability to look at the business with an open mind. You have to don’t you when providing as many cleaning services S&M don’t you? As I said before, with so many new challenges cropping up in the cleaning services I have to be level headed and calm. One minute I could be talking to a window cleaning operative, next discuss the equipment for pressure cleaning and then handling changes in office cleaning contracts. Going from service to services that include high-level cleaning, I think it is important to be level headed and looking with an open mind.

How do you ensure these values are upheld by employees?

Has to be through the communication we provide via the training and management of the staff in all areas of the cleaning services. Many of the areas of the cleaning business require the handling of communication differently so the management of that is important to ensure that all cleaning staff and each of the cleaning services needs is communicated effectively.

What has been your main focus for the business during COVID-19?

It has been to make sure that our staff remain safe during COVID-19 and as many cleaning services are maintained throughout as part of our dedication to customers. A big focus has been on maintaining cleaning standards and with the introduction of our COVID-19 services within the cleaning services, it has been on that. Keeping all standards safe whilst still keeping the business healthy.

What is your personal goals for S&M Cleaning in the next 10 years of business?

The main focus is to continue the great service standard within the business and continue to grow our cleaning services within the commercial industries. We want to solidify our dependability within the cleaning sector, through the cleaning services both new and existing throughout the growth. 

What factors do you think has been the reasons for S&M Cleaning’s success?

This has to be our drive to provide great cleaning services, our ambition to be known as a great commercial cleaning company. Our structure and having a great team around is also a massive contributing factor to why S&M Cleaning is a success within the cleaning industry today.

Has S&M Cleaning met the goals & targets set for its 10 years of trading?

This has to be a yes and a no. There is always room to do more when providing cleaning services to commercial companies. With techniques, new innovation and commercial building requirements changing all the time I feel that whilst I can yes, we have and continue to meet all our daily goals and targets for our cleaning services, there is also a factor of no when I look at the bigger picture of S&M Cleaning within the industry as a whole as we set ourselves a target long ago to maintain a high level of cleaning for customers that continues to push the limitations of latest technologies and equipment so for me this will also remaining a target that we are constantly trying to achieve and meet new goals.

What advice would you give to others running a business?

I can only comment for those running a cleaning company, well those providing cleaning services I meant to say. I will offer the advice to not give up and set yourself targets. Be that as a business on whole and within each area of the cleaning services you deliver. I find it very helpful for myself to remember why we started the business, to offer a first-class service in the area of cleaning we provide. This view is maintained across the board, be it our window cleaning, our contract cleaning, our office cleaning, high-level cleaning and right down to even our larger FM Support Services and carpet cleaning. I never forget why I started things or give up even through tough times. 

How much water does your building use for floor cleaning?

Why mopping floors is being left behind

You’ve got to admit, post COVID-19 has got us all thinking a lot more about hygiene and building cleaning, not just the visual element either. The cleanliness in your environment is very important. Everything from the communal receptions, office atrium areas right down to the washrooms including all the other zones and areas that exist in your premises and within in the facilities industry.

Whilst we all think about all the above we are also thinking about what methods the cleaning contractor adopts to ensure the flooring, amongst many other areas, adopts to ensure your building cleans are satisfactory. Both cleaning and protecting your very flooring is a must no?

S&M have been looking into the different methodology and techniques used to clean floors as part of our building management services.

The damp and wet mopping method

Changing the cleaning solution and water use age.

The cleaning chemical solution in your mop bucket should not be visibly soiled and darkened. If operatives are using dirty water to mop the floors, they will not achieve any cleaner results than the water used to clean it is. The cleaning solution used in floor cleaning should be changed often, as soon as it becomes visibly dirty in fact. This ensures a clean solution is applied to the floor, making it more effective and resulting in a deeper floor clean, giving a lasting result until the next clean.

Many cleaners may get taught the above but this isn’t always practical. Also as a guide, it is suggested cleaners should change the bucket of cleaning solution as often as every 2-3 square meters, depending on how soiled the floor is. Post COVID-19 this is ever more important than ever.

This will be required further more so as we approach the Autumn and Winter Months now until Spring 2021.

The a huge amount amount of water to be used on a floor, on merely a 10m2 area that could be anything up to 15-25 Litres of water per clean.

Just think how much water your cleaning contractor is/should be using in your building per week for 1 floor alone. Based on the recommended, it should be up to 125L. However, for speed and effective contract completion many are probably cleaning your building floors with the same 5L bucket of water, spreading the dirt and making it even dirtier.  Subsequently you may then get charged for a periodic clean every so often, all because the wrong methods are being used that are unsustainable and quite simply old school, dated, unhygienic and would not mitigate the risk of not spreading the coronavirus.

S&M cleaning, working with the latest in floor cleaning technology, offers an innovative answer to the outdated approach of floor cleaning with a mop and bucket.  It addition to a superior clean it supports corporate social responsibility.

ITeam’s I-mop

We have researched many of the floor scrubber dryer’s available on the market and found the i-mop lite, i-mop XL and i-mop XXL range to be the one that scores highly each time.

For this i-mop review, we used the machine for our requirements (a large reception area and office corridors). By comparing the i-mop against a standard mop and bucket in what we called a standard walk-behind scrubber dryer there really was no contest. In terms of efficiency, flexibility and cleaning power it really is a one-horse race with the i-mop coming out as a true contender for the title of best hard floor cleaning machine.

Not only did we find this machine stopped us from having to carry around dirty water but it also stopped us from having to re-arrange the layout of the area we were cleaning as the i-mop smoothly cleaned under tables and fixtures and along the side of the wall.

Once cleaning is complete, it also dismantles quickly and easily to enable access for cleaning the machine down and to store away in a small cupboard. We only thing we have been wondering about the i-mop range is ‘Why was this not brought to market sooner’!

Residential & Commercial Block Management

S&M’s Residential and Commercial Block Management Team are very well experienced which supports our excellent service delivery.

The ethos behind our excellent personable customer service skills is all hinged on limiting the number of clients and premises each Manager can take care of. Giving you the very best attention at all times.

Our innovative smart cleaning approach makes us stand out form the crowd and enables us to deliver a high level of service of delivery every time.

Our focus “it is all about the science with smart cleaning ”.

S&M are continuously researching for the latest technology and ecological products.

S&M commitment is to safeguard the environment by using Biological Cleaning Products and its included in our standard bespoke cleaning proposals. We do not believe in offering another service that underdelivers to achieve business.

Why choose S&M? Our services are highly competitive and are tailored to suit the client’s budgetary requirements. Our higher standards come with our smart cleaning approach. It is aimed to protect the Residential and Commercial Tenants, the material inside and outside building the environment and S&M’s own operative teams.

Here are just some of the services that Facilities Managers and Property Managers often use.












S&M have also identified the painstaking uplift in costs for specialist periodic cleaning methods, annoyingly property managers are often surprised with the added charge which can be very embarrassing when added to a contract after the agreement. Transparency is at S&M’s forefront and our sense of pride in our work will not allow your premises to get in such a poor condition nor charge for an incompetent service.

We understand the simplicity of keeping all touch point surfaces to an octane level of hygiene and that is why we only use products that have microbial kill of 28 days.

S&M Cleaning and Support recognise that Property and Facility Managers are looking for a service that is highly competitive, that produces an exemplary level of cleanliness, with hospital grade, hygiene standards

Our smart cleaning approach is aimed to protect the tenant’s home, office workers communal environments, the exterior appearances and presentation of the Estate and the Management’s Company reputation (SMART Cleaning).

It is all about the science and the attitude towards how we deliver the best safeguarding measures for you”

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